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A good cat should be a big cat!

The Maine Coon is an old native breed in North America. These cats were selected not just by appearance and size, but also by temperament.

Maine Coons are menacing and unapproachable only in appearance, but at the very depth of their heart they are calm and kind, flexible and gentle animals. They delight their owners with a gentle voice, funny habits, important postures, big legs, long tails, elegant mustache, silky coat, tufted ears, and the impression they make on the guests of the house. They become nurses caring for small children, good friends for older children, buddies for men, adored pets for women. If you love cats, you will love the Maine Coon, because he is a most catlike cat. If you love dogs, you will also like Maine Coons, because they are dogs of the cat world!

It should be borne in mind that the Maine Coon has its own needs and characteristics.

First, they eat more than other cats. High-quality dry food and / or meat products - the basis of the diet of the Maine Coon.

Secondly, Coons are curious and fearless. This entails additional costs for the organization of the home. Free-range is unacceptable.

Third, the Maine Coon needs to move. Cat - especially Coon - is muscles. Only by having a well-developed muscles, the Maine Coon is healthy. Therefore, the Maine Coon, especially in a period of growth, need every day to hold outdoor games, as well as to provide him with the opportunity to move not only on the floor and the sofa, but also in the vertical direction. Ideally set high (to the ceiling) sisal scratching post, firmly consolidating it. In addition, you can install a few shelves, providing a convenient approach to a cat on a cupboard, where it can get comfortable and watch everything going on in the house. Every Maine Coon in his home should have the lodge and the mountain. Lodge - a refuge where he will sleep and feel safe, where no one will touch it. Mountain - an observation point and a place for exercise, and to "point" the claws (so they mark territory and exfoliate old skin claws).

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